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Leasing Services

Successful Investments Begin with Targeted, Intelligent Leasing

The Giles Group team of talented leasing experts has years of experience in successfully leading services. We have an unmatched wealth of experience in Franklin, Nashville, and all of Middle Tennessee in connecting owners to tenants and providing personal services that add value and reduce costs.


Our leasing services begin with deep background property analyses using the most advanced tools available today and include intelligence on rental tenants and market conditions in order to deliver maximum rental income to owners.

We Are A Full-Service Leasing Agency

●    Advertising your property: We use a wide range of listing services, media, social media, and websites to advertise        lease availability and our services to tenants. We promise maximum visibility to your property — a key asset in              today’s competitive market.
●    Full screening: Count on us for a full screening of all prospective tenants using advanced tools and good old                  common sense. Our screening includes a credit check, employment verification, income verification, and rental            history.
●    Lease negotiation assistance: Leave the negotiating to us —we’ll negotiate the terms that you want so you are off the front lines.
●    Maintenance services: Want maintenance for your property? Whether it is repairs, landscaping, security, or more,          we have connections to experienced, trusted maintenance providers to give you a worry-free ownership                        experience.

Explore Our Leasing Specialties

We offer leasing services that include short-term rentals and long-term commercial arrangements. All of our leasing services are handled in-house by our associates, who are licensed professionals and local experts.

●    Corporate suites: If you are visiting the Franklin or Nashville area short-term, our corporate suites are a great short-        term accommodation solution.
●    Apartment leasing: Our leasing team provides rental assistance to all of the Franklin, Nashville, and Middle                    Tennessee areas.
●    Property management: We service every aspect of leasing and property management to help you maximize your          investment.
●    Leasing expertise: Maximum exposure through carefully selected channels guaranteed to net you the tenants you        want.
●    Background checks: Our extensive and complete background checks are designed specifically for independent          rental owners and smaller property management groups

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